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PMT is dedicated to creating a more colorful world.

Therefore, our teammates spare no efforts to develop the high-performance reactive printing dye of best quality in China and comparable to the global best quality--- ranging from light to dark most complete chromatography, superior application performance, Continuous supply capacity , following environmental requirements in a high level. what's more, compared with similar products, our products have a greater buy to help customers conserve procurement budget better.

Today, PMT has grown into the leading brand in China with a high market share, widely applied into printing and dyeing enterprises of all sizes, at the same time, and continuously improves product quality by listening to partner feedback. On the basis of that, we look around the world, hoping to provide products and services to customers around the world, wherever you come from Asia, Europe or the Americas.

In addition, at a long time, we also cooperate with large global dyes company in OEM stably, and have accumulated rich experience in customization.

Last but not least, Our products also include liquid dyes、 high purity salt-free dyes、digital textile ink----based on P-type printing reactive dyes, in the short term, we will launch a digital printing ink and toner.

Whether you are a printing and dyeing factories, or dye traders, as well as people in the field of digital textile inks and digital printing equipment and even dye manufacturers of intention cooperation, we believe we will be able to find opportunities for cooperation by communication.

We are ready, just waiting for you to contact us.


    Provide most complete varieties, covering all chromatography.

    Available powder and liquid dyes products.

    Customizable needs.


    New manufacturing base to quickly complete the delivery.

    Experienced staffs complete production tasks accurately and efficiently.

    Reasonable redundant capacity in order to accelerate the delivery of special orders.


    Focus on the professional brand of reactive printing field, alongside international excellent quality.

    A good compatibility between our dyes.

    Main products are recognized by third-party testing organization.


    Founders of the company have 26 years of professional experience.

    A professional R & D center with leading R & D facilities.

    Provide expert service.


    Strict quality raw materials used in the manufacture.

    Care global environment, prevent excessive emissions.

    Provide expert service.


    Product widely used in famous textile brands.

    Long-term and stable cooperation with China hundreds of printing and dyeing customers .

    Achieve the best results in the cellulose fibers.

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